Lend us Treat your Hands!

Classic Manicure

The Classic Manicure includes nail shaping and gentle cuticle treatment. Finish with moisturizing lotion massage and the polish color of your choice.

Deluxe Manicure

This Package includes Natural Manicure with addition of Epoch IceDancer to revives, stimulate, and refreshes tired hands. Baobab Body Butter re-duces fry skin and delivers all day moisturization for supple, healthy looking skin.

Natural Manicure

Soften skin with Hearbal Mineral Bath, Relaxing hand massage with Lidqiuid Body Lufra and Moisturization with Smoother Nuskin Lotion for healthy looking skin.

Manicure with gel French

French Manicure with Gel finish to keep your nails last longer

Gel Manicure
Manicure Plus Collagen Gloves

Voesh New York Product

The cleanest and most hygienic Spa Manicure solution.
Enriched with key ingredients to give your hands and arms the nutrition it needs.
Each product is individually packed with the right amount for a single spa manicure.
Set Includes Sugar Scrub, Mud Mask, Massage Lotion.
VOESH UV protective Collagen Gloves brings innovation to Manicure/Pedicure treatment. and Protects up to 98.9% of UV ray
Each Mask is preloaded with 16ml of Vitamin E and collagen rich emulsion to penetrate and moisturize the skin. When ready to have your manicure, simply remove the tips of each finger along the perforated precut lines.
Made with a micro thin dual layered material. Protects up to 98.9% of UV ray.
Save time by moisturizing your hand while getting a manicure.
See more at: VOESH.COM


Treat your Feet!

Classic Pedicure

The Classic Pedicure includes nail shaping and gentle cuticle treatment. Finish with moisturizing lotion massage, hot towel and the polish color of your choice.

O.P.I Jelly Pedicure

With callus treatment and the O.P.I Jelly foot scrub, this pedicure designed to leave your feet smooth and tasty, or just smooth.

Voesh Pedicure

The Voesh® Pedicure package that enrich the skin with ingredients to give your feet the needed nutrients. Includes foot mask.

Nu-skin Pedicure

This All-Natural Nu-skin® Pedicure Package is ideal to rejuvenate your feet with the most premium products. Soak your feet in Herbal Mineral Bath, exfoliating with Liquid Body Lufra followed by either IceDancer gel or Fire-Walker soothing cream, a Marine Mud Mask, relaxing Hot Stone Massage followed by a moisturizing Baobab Body’ Butter. Rough and cracked feet can also be treated with Epoch Sole Solution.

Herbal Pedicure

Take it to the next level, This six-steps pedicure of fresh herb skin care delivered revitalizing and balancing for your skin. Steps includes Soaking, Foot Scrubs, Foot Masks, Massage Cream, Foot Cream, and Knee Cream.

Volcano spa pedicure
Express Pedicure
Gel Pedicure
Gel Pedicure W Take Off
Kid Pedicure
Natral Plus Pedicure $3 Off
Natural Pedicure


Expand your Options!

Acrylic Full-set
Acrylic Fill-in
Pink & White Full-set
Pink & White Fill-in
Pink & White Gel Full-set
Pink & White Gel Fill-in
Dip in Full-set
Dip Powder
Gel Full Set with Gel Color
Fill Gel W Gel Polish
Gel Fill + French Tip
Gel Full Set
Liquid Gel Fill In
Overlay Fill In
Overlay Full Set Acrylic
Powder Gel Fill In


Extra Gel Polish On Toe
Extra Scrub/Stone..
Gel Color Change Hand
Gel Polish On Toe
Hand Design
Hand Polish
Polish Change Toe
Powder Gel Full Set
SNS Colors
Take Off
Add Gel Color


Relax while we Wax!

Half Arm
Full Face
Half Legs
Whole Back
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